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Fee for the Service of Process vary based on the allotted time in which the document are to be served, location in which these documents must be served, whether or not the services can be done in one visit or done with several visits.


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With so many companies to choose from the only question left is, why choose JP Services of Today. Rest assure you assignment will be handled with the utmost importance with knowledge of how to properly serve by the 15th Judicial Circuit Court Palm Beach County.

What is a Process Server?

Process Servers in the Fifteenth Judicial Circuit are certified by the Chief Judge and the program is administered by the Administrative Office of the Court. Certified Process Servers are permitted to serve initial non-enforceable civil process within the Fifteenth Judicial Circuit (Palm Beach County). Civil process provides notice to defendants that a judicial action or proceeding has been initiated. Names of current certified process servers are included in an approved list maintained by the Fifteenth Judicial Circuit. Certified Process Servers are required to exercise due diligence while effecting service and to comply with related rules, statutes, and administrative orders.